Guanciale 100g


Our guanciale is a tender, tasty meat made from pig's cheek that has been slow-cured to bring out the delicious flavour. The taste is strong and distinctive, yet the meat is surprisingly delicate in texture and free from gluten and milk.

"The guanciale is the cut of pork obtained from the cheek of the pig, crossed by lean veins of muscle with a component of valuable fat, of a composition different from lard (back fat) and pancetta (belly fat): the consistency is more harder than bacon and more distinctive flavour." Guanciale from Wikipedia.


Cured Pork Cheek - Guanciale 

Guanciale is great added in small pieces to winter warmers such as stews and soups, and we know of nothing quite like the fat to flavour any dish - it simply melts away. If you've only ever eaten spaghetti alla carbonara with pancetta, you're in for a treat when you try it with guanciale for the first time. 

This full-flavoured cured pork meat makes a great wrap for other meats including, fish and shellfish, too! Added to chowder, it makes a gourmet treat that your family and guests will love. This versatile product adapts well to many international cuisines.

While guanciale has its origins in central Italy, and is particularly associated with Lazio and Umbria, it's popular throughout the country for the unique contribution it brings to the flavour of dishes.

80g approx
Italian pork cheek, sea salt, spices, dextrose, antioxidant: sodium ascorbate, preservatives: potassium nitrate, sodium nitrite
Free from Allergens
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