The Cuccureddu family share a story of travel, sea, land and food. Two lands brought together by sea and people united by a passion for the best Sardinian and Italian food.


Our journey through the sensations of Sardinia begins with Salvatore; Isola Buona's initial link from traditional producers to our customers here in the UK. Residing in Sardinia, Salvatore maintains close relationships with our producers and hand selects the products that we present to you.

Always on the look for new delicacies Salvatore has a distinguished palate for sourcing the finest cheese, cured meats, fish, wine, olive oils and many more of Sardinia and Italy's remarkable produce.


Keeping the ball rolling, Lucia is the business director and head of administration.

With passion and proficiency she oversees all of our UK operations, constantly developing new initiatives and opportunities.

Behind the screen or behind the counter, Lucia leads the company from our base in Newhaven ready to greet our friends and customers and ensure the best service from the ground up.


From his second home in the Isola Buona kitchen, Antonello is well known for his original and inspired recipes and culinary advice. As our chef director, Antonello is the creative interpreter of Sardinian Cuisine. 
Under his expertise, traditional Sardinian delicacies aren’t just brought to life; they have evolved.

Showcasing our artisanal products, Antonello designs simple yet innovative recipes to be enjoyed in our deli or tried at home.

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