Italian Olive oil

Italian olive oil – Authentic sardinian extra virgin organic olive oil

The diet of Sardinia is the backbone of their impressive health and longevity, and no one could ever replace their extra virgin olive oil. A staple food of the highly regarded blue zone lifestyle this impressive golden nectar makes its way into just about everything. You’ll find it perfect for salad dressing, cooking or drizzled on pasta, pizza, bread and vegetables.

Our olive oils are produced to the highest quality and truly limitless; from our fruity extra virgin olive oils to our organic range, these cold pressed, unrefined treasures are indispensable. 

Every bottle contains the essence and true aroma of the Mediterranean and alongside these we have a few more treats like our aged balsamic vinegars and superb balsamic glazes to excite your recipes. Vinegars aged for a minimum of 6 years and glazes infused with Mediterranean flavours of figs, pomegranate and truffle, these oils and balsamic specialities are designed to satisfy the most demanding palates; they make a stunning gift as well as deliciously healthy meals.

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