Italian condiments: Special organic sauces and seasoning

Italy and Sardinia are known for bringing out the natural flavour of ingredients, but we are not averse to a little sauce or seasoning. In fact, a popular spice in many traditional Italian dishes is saffron. A little goes a long way and our delightfully quaint saffron jars and corks bags couldn’t look more adorable in your pantry or as the perfect gift for the flavour fanatic. With most of Italy surrounded by the sea it would be almost criminal to not take advantage of the earths most natural seasoning – sea salt, from the pristine waters of our coast this divine salt is simply extracted by natural sun drying. With so many condiments available we chose to stand by our values and select for you the finest organic sauces Italian producers have to offer. 

We believe the simplest ingredients give the best compliments to any dish. Organic mayonnaise, mustard and ketchup made from real Italian tomatoes are the basics with an artisanal twist that we are proud to keep on our shelf.

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