Isola Buona - Sardinian and Italian food store in Newhaven

Isola Buona is the Sardinian and Italian deli in Newhaven

It might be said that our Isola Buona deli in Newhaven is a “buried treasure”. Sitting quietly in the industrial estate, luring and intriguing passers-by. Like many who discover us by chance, one step through the door transports you to the magical Mediterranean.
While the locals relax in the deli and sip their espressos, curious shoppers browse our shelves of authentic and artisanal goodies.

Dazzling wines, delectable appetizers, traditional sweets and biscuits, cured meats, coffees and cheeses are just a few of the enchanted treats we have to offer alongside the expert knowledge of Chef Antonello and our team. Daily we are overwhelmed with the kinds words of our shoppers, like this dear customer who talks about us in this thoughtful review:

"Buried Treasure! I stumbled upon this extraordinary Italian artisan food shop by accident when buying safety boots at a nearby shop and cage. Squeezed between the warehouses and factory buildings is the last place you would expect to find this Aladdin's Cave of Italian food and wine. They serve REAL espresso coffee and the most amazing range of platters and wraps for breakfast and lunch. Shhh... don't want everyone to know about it!"

Possibly the last place you’d expect to find them, Sardinia’s secrets aren’t hidden far. Discover the taste of Sardinian and Italian food, step in and find out what it’s all about.



"Life is what happens to you while you're busy making other plans" said John Lennon... So many people discover Isola Buona by chance... Now you know where we are: do not entrust your passion for good things to chance.

If you live in Newhaven or visit for other things we want you to know there’s a place you can taste the best Italian coffee in East Sussex as well as the infinite sweet and savoury delights of Sardinia near you. Now you have no excuses...