Cagnulari Rosso 75 cl

Cagnulari Rosso 75 cl


Cagnulari is one of Sardinia’s best-kept secrets. This delicious wine is made from Cagnulari grapes grown in the north west of the island by a small number of producers. The vividly blue grapes grow in distinctive little clusters and are packed with natural sugars and other nutrients. 


Cagnulari Rosso - Sardinian Red Wine

No one knows how many centuries local growers have been raising these grapes in the sun-soaked limestone and clay soil of the region. However, everyone who has ever tried Cagnulari knows that they produce a deep ruby-coloured wine with a warm taste on the palate. It conveys both black cherry and plum notes with a hint of balsamic fragrance due in part to its soft tannins. 

It’s an excellent accompaniment for game, for rich stews and cured meats such as spicy salami, and also for any Sardinian cheese. We would also recommend it with grilled or roast meat. Try it with your Sunday roast when all the relatives are there to make it a special occasion.  

Traditionally, Cagnulari grapes have been used to give body to other wines. Now growers are appreciating their unique qualities once again to proudly produce Sardinian Cagnulari wine.

Contains sulphites
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