Filu Ferru di vinaccia 50 cl

Filu Ferru di vinaccia 50 cl


‘’Filu 'e ferru" is a distillate (grappa) obtained from the best selection of Sardinian pomace from wine producers, particularly in the inland areas.


Filu Ferru di vinaccia 50 cl

Its curious name recalls the widespread practice among Sardinian producers in the second half of the 19th century of concealing the clandestine distillation of the spirit from the kingdom's authorities when the production of spirits was heavily taxed. In order to avoid confiscation, 'dae sa fortza', (finance or carabinieri) the bottles produced were buried and fitted with an iron wire, which was cleverly allowed to come to the surface so that they could be located at a later date. 

The marc used to produce the product is selected and usually comes from Vermentino or Vernaccia grapes and often from Cannonau. The distillation and bottling are entirely artisanal but strictly controlled in terms of quantity and quality by the Customs Agency. It is carried out in Santu Lussurgiu using copper bain-marie stills, with a discontinuous and double distillation process.

grado alcolico 42% vol
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