Tomato Pulp Sauce 650g

Tomato Pulp Sauce 650g


Tomatoes are one of the leading ingredients in Italian cuisine and play a crucial role in its global popularity. Our tomato pulp is made from only the ripest open grown tomatoes from Italy. No preservatives a none of the main allergens, just honest tomatoes. 


Sauces and Condiments - Tomato Pulp Sauce 

Harvested in the late summer to ensure that beautifully vibrant red and the freshest taste. This pulp is ideal to be used alone as a simple tomato sauce or to be added to. 

With chunky tomato flesh and high liquid content it grips well with our organic artisan pastas for a full-bodied flavour in every bite. It’s a great choice for vegetarian and meaty dishes. Why not have a go at using this sauce with our artisan spaghetti for a rustic homemade spaghetti dish to bring the family together. 

Combine it with meats, vegetables and seasonings to make it your own. So versatile, every kitchen should have a jar in the cupboard.

650g jar
Chopped tomatoes (99%), salt.
Free from allergens
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