Spicy Arrabbiata Tomato Sauce 280g

Spicy Arrabbiata Tomato Sauce 280g


Natural ingredients plus care and skill is all it takes to produce this piquant sauce, which we’re sure you’ll come to appreciate as a store cupboard essential. Served on its own with rice or pasta, it makes a simple dish special. Equally, you’ll find it invaluable for creating all kinds of spicy meat and fish dishes that guests and family will love.


Ready to use pasta sauce - Spicy Arrabbiata Tomato Sauce

The lovely central Italian region of Abruzzo is famous for its agriculture and stock-rearing traditions. The farmers of the region produce not only some of the most mouth-watering cheeses and smoked meats, but also truly luscious vegetables. From these they select the best to make outstanding sauces that are appreciated throughout Italy. 

That’s not all though. In Abruzzo, they love their peppers, both sweet and hot varieties; sometimes the hotter the better. The strongest Abruzzo chilli peppers are known as diavolini, little devils, because they’re devilishly hot! You’ll find our zesty sauce is deliciously spicy without overcoming the rest of the ingredients. It’s made from completely natural ingredients, too. As well as the tomatoes, carrots, onion and chilli peppers, the sauce contains extra virgin olive oil and salt. That’s all! 

280g jar
Tomatoes, onion, EVO oil, chilli peppers (1%), carrot, salt.
Free from allergens
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