Passata 670g

Passata 670g


Have you ever noticed that Italian tomato products have a rather special essence that you can’t find anywhere else? Quite simply, it’s down to the quality of the tomatoes. With a proud heritage of wholesome home cooking, Italians rightfully won’t settle for second best and neither do we. 


Passata - Tomato Puree

Careful selection of the largest and ripest or small and sweetest tomatoes is the pride you can taste in our Passata. Abruzzo is well known for its wholesome produce, particularly tomatoes and often called “Rome’s Larder”.

If you want a tomato passata that tastes as though you just created it in your own kitchen, this is the one we recommend. Containing nothing but tomatoes and salt, it’s a store cupboard essential that will become the basis for producing some mouth-watering pasta and rice dishes at home.

With this smooth passata made from juicy tomatoes picked at their best, it’s easy to be creative. Add passata to a little onion, garlic and favourite vegetables to make a smooth sauce, or spread on top of your pizza.

670g jar
Tomato Juice 99.75%, salt.
Free from allergens
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