Vigne Deriu Oro Ere 50cl

Vigne Deriu Oro Ere 50cl


From aromatic Moscato grapes comes this sunny nectar that radiates a dazzling golden glow. A sweet Sardinian wine with distinctive fruity notes this white wine is typically thought of as a dessert wine. 


Moscato grapes  - Vigne Deriu Oro Ere 50cl

The natural sweetness of the grape is derived from the harvesting where the grapes are hand selected and partially dried on the vine. The grapes are then spread over mats in order to allow a further drying. 

Reducing the water content leaves a higher concentration of the grapes natural sugars allowing this wine to fully express its sweet side after vinification. This artisan method takes place during late autumn and the layout of the crop, using special small cases completes this process. 

Deep golden yellow in colour with a Mediterranean fruity bouquet, this full body wine is a great pairing alongside nutty desserts or blue cheese. With an alcohol content of 15% we recommend serving this delightful beverage around 14 – 16° C.

Contains Sulphites
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