Pecorino Badeconca 200g

Pecorino Badeconca 200g


If you're looking for a strong, full-flavoured cheese with some very special qualities, our Pecorino Badeconca cheese is definitely one to try. Made from milk of the sheep reared naturally in Sardinia's extenisve countryside, the cheese undergoes a slow maturing process between 150 and 180 days.


Pecorino Badeconca

This creates a firm, rich-tasting product with a sweetness that comes from the grasses and herbs on which the sheep graze. 

Best of all, the cheese is suitable for vegetarians since it's made with vegetable rennet. We're very proud of being able to supply a traditional artisan cheese that meets the high standards required and is also a tasty and versatile option for vegetarians. 

We suggest you try this on guttiau bread with any of our preserves, such as fig and walnut or orange and walnut. For a lunchtime or evening meal, it's great with any of our cold meats such as mortadella or salamino, as well as with all our antipasti options. For a special vegetarian meal, try a selection of roast vegetables - tomatoes, courgettes, or aubergines, for example - and serve with this fragrant cheese. Add a splash of our quality balsamic vinegar - delicious!

200g approx
Pasteurized sheep’s milk, bacterial culture, salt, vegetable rennet.
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