Truffle Pecorino Cheese Spread 100g

Truffle Pecorino Cheese Spread 100g


We think our Truffle Pecorino Cheese Spread would make the perfect gift. That's if you can bear to give it away! Made from cheese produced from the exceptional milk of Sardinian sheep, with genuine pieces of truffle, one of the islands specialities.

A truly delicious cheese spread that we recommend nothing more than simply eating it with our pane carasau, music paper bread, in order to savour the creamy aromatic taste and sensation of the truffles. Serve it on top of the pane carasau as a very special antipasto at the start of a Sardinian-style meal.


Truffle Pecorino Cheese Spread - Sardinian cheese

Truffle hunting is taken very seriously in Sardinia, with specially trained dogs to sniff out the earthy treasures. There's more than one type of truffle that grows on the island, though the one that most people know best the black truffle, or black summer truffle, which is ripe between June and September.

Earthy and pungent truffles along with aromatic pecorino cheese create a unique taste sensation. This superb spreadable cheese is yet another example of the way our island products complement one another so well.

100g jar
Sheep cheese,water,truffle (80% summer truffle (tuber aestivum, vittad) water,aromas 5%.
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