Pecorino cheese spread 200g

Pecorino cheese spread 200g


In Sardinia we love our traditional cheeses and we're always looking for ways to enjoy them even more!

This delicious spreadable sheep's milk cheese is so versatile you'll always want to keep some to hand. It's a clever blend of ricotta and the finest pecorino cheese that creates an ideal consistency, all conveniently packaged in a 200g jar. 

Not only is it smooth, creamy and easy to spread, this cheese is also spicy, which adds character to the everyday lunch or quick snack. Use it for sandwiches, or on our pane carasau or guttiau. It's a great summer choice and much more sophisticated than the average spreadable cheese. 


Pecorino cheese spread  

You can eat our pecorino cheese spread on its own, or as a topper on your favourite cured meat from our extensive selection. We especially enjoy it with salami, or as a party treat  - create your own canapés with olives, artichokes or asparagus from our vast antipasti range, or use it as a dip for crudités.

Make sure you stock up well with spread, and slice plenty of cucumber, carrot and celery - guests love it! 

200g jar
Sheep’s milk cheese, ricotta (milk), water, emulsifying salts, preservatives: E450 E452
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