Matured Goat Cheese 200g

Matured Goat Cheese 200g


Although Sardinia is well known for its flocks of sheep and extensive range of pecorino cheese, it is also home to a handful of breeds of goats, from which Sardinians make this moreish matured Caprino cheese.

Made exclusively from the whole milk of goats reared on the island in the wild and matured for at least 60 days, this sweet and spicy cheese is something you wouldn’t want to miss out on. 


Caprino cheese - Sardinian matured goat cheese 

Many of us associate goat cheese as soft white and tangy, but we offer some variation there. From ivory white to a primrose yellow this crumbly speciality has all the sweetness and grain of a well matured cheese and even offers a light spiciness with plenty of character. It’s rustic flavour reflects the wild grazing habits of the goats. 

 This cheese is so delicious we would recommend that it couldn’t taste better than on a spread, ready to be picked at on a warm day. Sometimes less is more, so all you need to show off our caprino is a good sardinian antipasti platter.

A refreshing summery choice would be our Pane Guttiau, organic sun-dried tomatoes and baby artichokes in oil and a selection of your favourite cured meats.

200g approx
Goat’s milk, natural ferments, salt, rennet.
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