Fiore Sardo 200g

Fiore Sardo 200g


There’s no cheese more renowned that captures the flavour of Sardinia quite like our Pecorino Tipo Fiore Sardo.

Its name comes from the flower of the artichoke, once used to curdle the milk. Rumoured to date back to the bronze age, a favourite among the Sardinian centenarians, and still strictly produced by the same ancient methods.

It is made using only raw, local whole milk and animal rennet. This strong spicy pecorino cheese is matured for a year and smoked using traditional wood from the Mediterranean shrub. 


Sardinian matured pecorino cheese - tipo fiore sardo

After this careful ageing, the rind appears a rustic yellow to dark brown and the magic is hidden within. Once cut, the inside is dense and pale straw yellow in colour.

The intensity of the flavour could be described as a tangy mature cheese, salty and sweet and the same time, with an undertone of fruit, and you can tell the length of maturity with its spiciness. From its appearance to its flavour this is a genuine artisan cheese that every cheese lover should try.

Pairing best with our orange and walnut preserve and pane Carasau or grate it over a hot pasta looking for that extra kick.

200g approx
Unpasteurised Sheep and goat milk, salt, bacterial culture, rennet.
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