Pecorino with black pepper 200g

Pecorino with black pepper 200g


Produced using traditional artisan techniques this Pecorino offers a novel twist to set it aside from the rest. Made from whole sheep's milk and lamb rennet, during the preparation black peppercorns are added, offering an unmistakable spicy and aromatic taste.

In ancient times, throughout Italy, peppercorns were considered a fine and valuable spice mainly enjoyed by the rich aristocratic families with cheese.


Sardinian Pecorino cheese with black pepper

A simple slice through a cross section and you will see the peppercorns sporadically dotted throughout the paste. As this cheese is matured with the peppercorns the flavours begin to fuse adding some extra spice in comparison to our other semi mature pecorinos.

The extended flavour of this cheese makes it the ideal cooking companion. Why not heighten a classic home-made cheese sauce by melting some through and watch the peppercorns dot your dish at the finish.

Alternatively we also enjoy this classic variation with Pane Carasau and our orange and chilli marmalade. In your recipes or on its own this star is bound to stand out.

200g approx
Pasteurised sheep's milk, black peppercorn, salt, bacterial culture, rennet.
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