Pecorino Gran Goceano 200g

Pecorino Gran Goceano 200g


Say hello to the truly Sardinian alternative to parmesan. Our mighty Gran Goceano is wildly popular with many accomplished chefs through-out the UK. This semi to matured pecorino cheese is made with whole sheep's milk and calf rennet masterfully aged for a minimum of 10 months to exalt the flavour.


Sardinian Pecorino Gran Goceano semi-mature cheese

Appearing pale yellow to white with a taste that is almost sweet and fruity and that mature graininess we all know and love.

It’s hard texture and strong taste is perfect for almost any occasion and guaranteed to impress. Great as a wedge to add to a sharing board with pane Guttiau, artichokes and asparagus in oil and our artisan cured meats on a hot day when enjoying a glass of Cannonau red wine with friends.

We also recommend this as the perfect pecorino in a classic carbonara with our black pig pork cheek, organic extra virgin olive oil and rustic spaghetti. Why not grate some over your next pasta dish?

200g approx
Pasteurized sheep's milk, natural ferments, salt, rennet.
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