Look at the recipe recommended by our chef Antonello!
Organic Paccheri Pasta 500g
Look at the recipe recommended by our chef Antonello!
Organic Paccheri Pasta 500g

Organic Paccheri Pasta 500g


Natural goodness is what we stand for and our organic Paccheri pasta is no exception. Made from only the highest quality durum wheat semolina and water, its shape resembles that of a piece of large tube making it perfect not just with a sauce but also for filling and baking.

Many pastas are named after a characteristic, in this case, it is said that Paccheri comes from the Neapolitan “paccharia” meaning slaps. This is owing to noise made by the pasta when eaten with sauce.


Sardinian pasta durum wheat - Organic Paccheri pasta

Paccheri pasta is said to have a fascinating history as some say it was invented by southern Italians so that the shape might expertly hide cloves of highly sought-after garlic, banned from being imported across the Alps by Austria. It’s exaggerated size also made it popular among the poor since a little went a long way in making a hearty meal. Today, our artisan producers honour this ancient pasta by keeping it just the way it was.

These generously sized pasta pieces are a perfect choice alongside rich sauces like our organic porcini mushroom sauce or as a base of a seafood pasta dish. If you’re looking to try something a bit different but popular among many Italians, why not fill the pieces with our Ricotta mustia and bake them similar to a lasagne with a tomato sauce.

Organic durum wheat semolina
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