Organic Creste Di Gallo Pasta 500g

Organic Creste Di Gallo Pasta 500g


Creste di gallo pasta is one of the more unusual pasta shapes available to the pasta cognoscenti. The literal translation is "cockscomb" pasta, because it looks like the crest of a cockerel, though some say it's more like a mohawk hairdo! Compared to the pasta that most people use every day, it's true to say it's rather ornate.


Sardinian pasta durum wheat - Creste di Gallo

Our creste di gallo is made from the finest organic durum wheat. It's suitable for vegetarians and vegans and will enhance any of your favourite pasta sauces. It combines the shape of ridged, tubular pasta such as rigatoni, with a decorative edge that's a little similar to gigli pasta. This means that it's exceptionally good at retaining your favourite sauce so that every bite is full of flavour. Not only is it delicious with sauces, but also in soups and stews, particularly those made with our organic borlotti beans.

While the origins of creste di gallo pasta are a little obscure, some say it is linked to the famed Medici family, whose symbol was the triumphant crowing cockerel. There are various tales of good fortune linked to roosters, too.

Dishes made with this unusual pasta re definitely something to crow about!

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