Wild boar prosciutto 100g

Wild boar prosciutto 100g


If you enjoy the melt in the mouth qualities of prosciutto, you'll love the taste of our wild boar prosciutto. 

Wild boar has a distinctive and intense flavour that is like no other. It's lean too, with almost no fat, creating a genuine taste of the Sardinian countryside.


Wild Boar Prosciutto

Traditionally complemented with an antipasto selection and accompanied with a glass of our Cannonau Deriu to savour the naturally aromatic taste. Wild boar prosciutto served as an antipasto is the ideal slow food starter, deserving plenty of time to bring out the full enjoyment of the carefully cured meat.

Equally popular this exquisite meat can be cooked with our datterini tomato sauce paired with our pappardelle pasta and sprinkled with an authentic tipo fiore sardo.

Wild boar meat has been part of the Sardinian diet for centuries, as wild boars are native to the island. Because the animals forage freely, their diet is wild too, and they particularly enjoy the acorns from the cork oaks that grow extensively there. 

It's this natural existence that creates the uniquely delicious taste of Sardinian wild boar. 

80g approx
Wild boar meat, salt, spices, dextrose, saccharose, preservative: potassium nitrate, antioxidant: ascorbic acid.
Free from allergens, Gluten free
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