Fennel Sausage 400g

Fennel Sausage 400g


Locally cured sausage with fennel seeds is an essential of Sardinian life. Wherever this distinctive horse-shoe shaped sausage appears on the table, it is a reminder of home. Serve it with Sampulla cheese and Pane Guttiau, along with a salad.

Add it to tomato sauce for a genuine Campidanese dish and serve with Malloreddus pasta, the traditional pasta of the island. If you want to experience the authentic cuisine of Sardinia, both pork and fennel are requisites , as the characteristics and taste of the fennel compliments the pork.


Sardinian sausage with fennel seeds

All parts of the fennel are used in cooking, but it is the seeds of wild fennel that are particularly associated with this flavoursome cured Sardinian speciality. Fennel is used to add an intense aniseed-like flavour to many other types of meat as well as this delicious traditional sausage.

In Sardinia, fennel is also used in sausages that are prepared for frying or cooking on a barbecue for cutting up and sharing with family and guests

Pork meat, salt, dextrose, fennel seeds, spices, preservatives: sodium nitrite, antioxidant: sodium ascorbate, potassium nitrate.
Free from allergens
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