Organic Blackberry Honey 250g

Organic Blackberry Honey 250g


From the white flowers of the mountain brambles an exciting honey is born that conquers us with a floral perfume and an exquisite taste ideal for herbal teas and delicate cheeses.


Sardinian Honey - Organic Blackberry Honey

Organic honey from the brambles of blackberries is one of the rarest kinds of honey, as it can only be collected in a year that has seen plentiful rains until the mid-summer months. 

This resilient blossom is dedicated to making an appearance in the late summer in deep rural areas of Sardinia. The strength in its character is captured in the essence in this natural sweet. 

A unique underlying flavour of red fruits and the luscious aroma of cooked fruits makes this honey exceptional. A stunning addition to any cheese board we recommend pairing this with a few of our fragrant semi mature pecorinos for a delightful fusion. 

On a warm day, simply stir a spoon into a fruity tea for a refreshing and natural sweetness. The versatility of this honey is endless so impress your cupboard with this unique find.

250g jar
100% organic honey
Free from allergens
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