Orange Chutney with Chilli 100g

Orange Chutney with Chilli 100g


There’s a unique way to compliment the taste of a fresh orange jam … add some chilli! The Italians have a talent when it comes to preserving seasonal produce and our orange and chilli jam is no exception.


Special Orange Chutney 

This special jam is small but mighty and busting with fresh flavour. This utterly natural combination of only the most succulent Italian oranges, the sweetest chilli peppers and sugar makes this jam a fiery delight to pair with cheese and cooked meats. 

Piquant yet sweet this dainty little jar will be making regular trips out of your cupboard. We recommend combining this with our pack of our pane Guttiau and a range of semi mature pecorino cheese. In quaint jars of 100g this is also a stunning addition to a gift hamper. 

Pass on the wonder of this gastronomical delight and grab the whole family to make a collection worth gifting – orange and walnut preserve and quince preserve. 

100g jar
Oranges, sugar, chillies
Free from allergens
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