Quince Preserve 230g

Quince Preserve 230g


This low sugar yet slightly sour preserve is suitably paired with both our young and mature pecorinos. An opaque amber colour and compact texture with flavour simply bursting from the jar.

Quince is known for its golden colour and spicy complex aroma; masterful cooking and preparation is needed to reduce this fruit to its delicious jam form. 


Low Sugar Quince Preserve

At the heart of this sweet yet sour treasure is the goodness and health benefits that every natural fruit should have, as well as it’s tempting perfume and taste, quince is a reliable source of fibre, antioxidants, minerals and vitamins.

The quince fruit is said to be one of the oldest in history, even old than an apple. It’s thought it was cultivated by the ancient Babylonians and Greeks to spread around the world. With so many refences in ancient texts it’s even believed to be the forbidden fruit of Eden. With such a long-standing history of a tempting flavour we think it’s deserving as the featured ingredient of a preserve. 

230g jar
quince (74g per 100g), sugar, lemon juice
Free from allergens
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