Orange and Walnut Preserve 230g

Orange and Walnut Preserve 230g


Breakfast just got more exciting with this natural artisan orange and walnut marmalade produced by Italian experts. This nutty orange pulp is a low sugar treat the whole family can enjoy made with just fresh oranges, natural sugar and autumn walnuts. 


Fruit Preserve - Orange and walnut preserve

Delightfully sweet with just a hint of bitter in the after taste it’s an ideal alternative to regular marmalade spread on toast or crusty bread. You can also try it with pane Carasau to dip or a spoonful with our young organic pecorino.

This little jar couldn’t be handier for the avid home baker as it’s a great new flavour to add to tarts with a sprinkling of our fresh ricotta baked on top.

Small yet fancy, our orange and walnut marmalade is guaranteed to impress your friends and family from the simplest idea to more extravagant recipes.

In small jars and cloth covered lids this is a splendid gift idea for any jam collector.

230g jar
Orange, sugar, walnuts, chopped zest
Walnuts (NUTS).
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