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Kick-start the new month with a Sardinian protein-packed recipe

The guttiau bread tower with eggs and grey mullet roe

May is here and with spring leaving us all hoping during the previous months, we’re all longing for the warm and sunny weather now. Some of us might be planning some time away and looking forward to the summer holidays, which means the bikini body test is just around the corner! That’s why we’ve decided to opt for a delicious protein-packed recipe this May that will still spoil your palate and spice up your brunch with a Sardinian twist.
The guttiau bread tower is filled with natural and traditional ingredients and it contains about 19 grams of proteins per portion. Proteins from grey mullet roe are of very high value, as well as those of the eggs. If you want to avoid an extra load of cholesterol, you can try this recipe using one egg and two whites.


Guttiau bread: guttiau is carasau bread, the popular flat crispy Sardinian bread that used to be a staple for shepherds staying away with flocks for days, with the added taste of extra virgin olive oil and a pinch of salt

Grey mullet roe: grey mullet roe used to be very popular among fishermen around Sardinia but nowadays it’s considered luxury food and it’s referred to as “Sardinian Caviar” as its value has grown enormously over the years. It’s rich in proteins and omega3 and preserved naturally.

Organic extra virgin olive oil: award-winning olive oil from the north-west of Sardinia, that is cold-pressed and non-filtered with artichoke and almond aromas. Olive oil is rich in omega3 and omega6 and it’s a much healthier option than butter and seed oils, especially when used for cooking

Other essential ingredients are 4 eggs, parsley, black pepper and chilli, if you like.


Time: 10 minutes

Guests: 2

1. Break 2 large guttiau bread sheets into 4 pieces each. Don’t worry if the pieces are irregular, it will add shape and colour to the dish
2. Take off the skin of the grey mullet roe with the help of a knife and cut a quarter of the bottarga piece in thin slices
3. Beat 4 eggs in a bowl, add a touch of milk, if it looks too thick and some salt and black pepper. Put 4 teaspoons of the organic extra virgin olive oil from Sardinia in a pan on low heat and pour the beaten eggs. Use a spatula to stir until ready
4. Take two plates and lay a couple of cracked guttiau bread on each, place the scrambled eggs on top, the grey mullet roe slices and some chilli if you prefer. Make another layer with guttiau bread and some other grey mullet roe slices on top
5. Finish the dish with some fresh parsley and fresh organic extra virgin olive oil

This is a very filling low-carb dish, with a good, healthy balance of lipids and proteins. Try the guttiau tower recipe at home and tag us on your pictures on facebook, Twitter or Instagram. It will make a new and exotic brunch option over the May bank holiday weekend.