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Get Ready for Spring - Seafood Linguine with Mullet Roe Bottarga

Seafood and Bottarga Linguine

March is here and finally the thermometer is moving up and we look forward to spring time and sunny days. For those of you looking to feel energised after the winter torpor, this delicious seafood linguine pasta with clams and bottarga will make you step into spring more invigorated. Keep following our blog for more springy recipes in the coming months.

The clams' pasta recipe was originally created in Naples, where pasta and seafood were mixed together for the first time. It’s fresh and it keeps you full for hours, without feeling uncomfortably bloated.


The key ingredients for the seafood bottarga linguine pasta are:

Linguine pasta: the linguine pasta shape was probably created in the Liguria region in the north of Italy around 1700 and it was one of the favorite pastas on festive occasions.

Clams: the popular Mediterranean mollusc with only 2.5% of fat is a great source of protein but also vitamin A, B and C as well as potassium.

Grey mullet roe: the “Sardinian caviar” is considered the fishermen food and was brought to the island from Phoenicians and Carthaginians. It can be bought as a whole piece to be cut in slices or dry and grated, ready to be sprinkled.

Other precious ingredients are olive oil, parsley and chilli.


Time: 40 minutes

  1. Carefully wash the clams under running water in a colander placed on top of a bowl, then leave the clams to soak in salted water for 2 or 3 hours
  2. Gently golden 2 garlic cloves in a pan with some EV olive oil, drain and wash the clams again and throw them in the pan on high heat for a few minutes covered with the lid
  3. In a pot, bring water to boil then turn off the stove under the pan with the clams even if they’re not all open. This will prevent their meat from overcooking.
  4. Pour the linguine pasta into the boiling water with a handful of salt; drain the clams, get rid of the garlic but save the sauce
  5. Drain the linguine after half of the time shown on the packet; put the clams ‘sauce in a pan, add the pasta and cook slowly
  6. At the very end, add the clams, sprinkle the grated mullet roe or add the mullet roe slices, if you prefer the texture, add the parsley and a bit of chilli; mix and enjoy 

Try the seafood linguine recipe at home and tag us on your pictures on facebook , Twitter or Instagram. Linguine pasta is a very fresh and light recipe that will awaken your palate. After a long winter filled with hot, full-bodied meals, say hello to spring with seafood linguine pasta!