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Easter: a true food celebration

Wild boar pappardelle pasta

Easter is the one festivity where food finds its highest celebration. Some of us might be fasting right now or avoiding meat and sweets either for religious purposes or to cleanse our bodies over spring time. But when Easter time comes it’s ok to indulge in our favourite “special occasion” treats, such a glass of sparkling Akenta…or two, a fine chocolate bar or some fine charcuterie and cheese mix from L’Isola Buona.

For this coming Easter, Chef Lello has created another mouth-watering recipe with some fine delicacies from his land, which include wild boar prosciutto, mature pecorino tipo fiore sardo cheese and organic extra virgin olive oil from Sardinia. The wild boar pappardelle pasta recipe, although sounding quite sophisticated, panders to busy professionals and parents rushing around over the Easter period with 5 easy-to-follow steps. We hope you love it…just like we do!


For an Easter recipe worthy of its name, ingredients should be flavoursome and tempting. The key ingredients for the wild boar pappardelle pasta are a mix of Sardinian and Italian high-quality products, as usual:

Pappardelle pasta: pappardelle pasta looks like a wide and flat spaghetti. Pappardelle is an authentic Tuscany pasta shape, its texture is rustic and rough, and they are usually chosen for rich sauces.

Wild boar prosciutto: wild boar prosciutto is one of the Sardinian most sought-after specialities. It comes from ancient curing traditions, dating back to the Romans. In Sardinia the curing process is still artisanal to create extremely refined culinary delicacies.

Datterini tomatoes: datterini is a variety of tomatoes that contains fewer seeds and more juice. These tomatoes are slightly acidic, but they reveal a very sweet flavor when cooked.

Pecorino tipo fiore sardo cheese: a matured cheese obtained from free-range sheep’s milk. Rich in protein and omega 6. A must for most traditional pasta dishes.

Organic extra virgin olive oil : our exclusive olive oil is obtained from one single olive variety “Bosana” using traditional processes to preserve the features and aromas of the north-west Sardinia lands.
Other essential ingredients are one onion and black pepper to add at the very end, if you like.


Time: 20 minutes
Guests: 6
1. Golden the finely sliced onion in a pan with plenty of organic extra virgin olive oil. In the meantime, cut 300gr of wild boar prosciutto in slices and add them to the soffritto (sautéed onion).
2. Add 500gr of datterini tomatoes to the mix and let simmer on low heat.
3. In a big pot bring water to boil, pour the pappardelle pasta paying attention not to break it and add a handful of salt. Stir both the pasta and the sauce from time to time.
4. Turn off the stove and let the sauce thicken a bit. Drain the pappardelle after 10 minutes and add the pasta to the pan.
5. Mix well, sprinkle plenty of pecorino cheese and buon appetito!

Try the wild boar pappardelle recipe at home and tag us on your pictures on facebook, Twitter or Instagram.
This is a very rich dish that will taste even better if enjoyed together with family and friends over the Easter holidays. You can also make your own personal twists with your favourite L’Isola Buona ingredients.
We are looking forward to seeing and sharing your culinary creations.

Happy Easter everyone!