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A velvety recipe that gives a nod to autumn days

Organic Taccone pasta with salted Ricotta and organic Artichoke and Walnut sauce

October is the real resolution month this season. Chilly days starts to kick in and we think about new plans to get into our autumn routine. The holidays are officially over, the children are back to school and perhaps we think about renewing the gym membership. We need some will power to get things done.

But while we rush into strict work and family schedules, we think October is a good time to indulge in some tasty flavours to renew our energies. And this organic Taccone pasta recipe might just do the job!
The light notes given by the salted ricotta and the artichoke cream gradually take us into the new season with warm and rich ingredients like the walnuts and pecorino cheese.


Organic Taccone pasta: Taccone pasta originates in the central part of Italy in the middle age and it used to be made by mixing the durum with poorer flours such as beans or corn to save the precious durum wheat. Its irregular and peculiar shape and the artisanal making process make it perfect for every sauce.
Salted Ricotta: Ricotta cheese has an ancient history in Sardinia. It used to be the frugal meal of shepherds and shepherd’s servants together with carasau bread. Although there are many ricotta varieties, this one is produced following the artisanal process by recooking the sheep’s milk whey. Once the wheel is ready the salt is added, and it’s left to dry naturally in open air.
Organic Artichoke and Walnut sauce: this organic cooking sauce is made with very few ingredients to give emphasis to the natural flavours of the walnuts and the artichokes. It’s a very practical solution for all the busy people who don’t want to spend too much time in the kitchen without giving up on the perks of a healthy meal.
Gran Goceano pecorino cheese: Gran Goceano pecorino cheese is a great alternative to parmesan cheese, being richer in calcium and CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acid), which is believed to help with weight loss, improve good cholesterol and make our immune system stronger. Its strong taste is also great to enrich every recipe.
Other essential ingredients for the organic taccone pasta with salted ricotta and artichoke and walnut sauce are a few spoons of extra virgin olive oil and a touch of black pepper.


Time: 15 minutes
Guests: 4
1. Bring water to boil in a pot, add two handfuls of salt and pour 280g of organic taccone pasta
2. Save a small cup of salted water for later
3. Drain the taccone pasta after 8 minutes and mix it in bowl with the cup of hot water, the organic artichoke and walnut sauce and the Gran Goceano pecorino cheese
4. Serve on plate then grate the salted ricotta and the black pepper on top to enjoy!

The organic taccone pasta with ricotta, artichoke and walnut sauce is a nutritious dish, with a good amount of great-quality protein from ricotta cheese which is also a low-fat cheese. The organic artichoke and walnut sauce makes the dish deliciously creamy and the beneficial properties of the artichokes makes it easy to digest. This recipe is simple and quick to make and it’s an awesome solution for a family meal over a busy October month.
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