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A fresh September recipe to enjoy the last summer days

Mediterranean fregola pasta with S’Ampulla cheese, pistachios and sundried tomatoes.

September is always associated with the first autumn days. However, with the glorious weather of the past few weeks we still want to enjoy the last of summer with a fresh Mediterranean recipe. Perhaps you’re finally leaving for your summer holiday after waiting so long to sunbathe on a sandy beach or maybe

you’re on your way back after an amazing break. Whether you’ve just got back to work or you’re heading somewhere hot, here’s our refreshing pasta dish for you to try this month.
The fregola pasta is a very delicate dish that brings out the most traditional ingredients of the Mediterranean cuisine: tomatoes, cheese basil and fresh parsley.


Fregola pasta: fregola pasta is the Sardinian cous cous, a very traditional pasta shape. The fregola tostata grossa comes in slightly bigger grains that can better take in the creamy sauces.

S’Ampulla cheese: S’Ampulla is one of the few traditional Sardinian cheeses made from cow’s milk. Its name refers to its shape and it means “flask”. This is a pasta filata (stretched) cheese with a very soft texture and a delicate taste.

Organic extra virgin olive oil: extra virgin olive oil is an omnipresent ingredient in the Mediterranean cuisine. It’s considered one of the healthier sources of fats and our organic olive oil comes from selected olives from the north-west of Sardinia to preserve all the natural properties and fruity flavours.
Other essential ingredients for the Mediterranean fregola pasta are sundried tomatoes, pistachios, fresh parsley, basil and a touch of black pepper.


Time: 12 minutes
Guests: 4
1. Bring water to boil in a pot and add just a bit of salt – the sundried tomatoes will do the rest - pour in 280g of fregola pasta
2. In the meantime, cut about half of S’Ampulla pecorino cheese in cubes, the sundried tomatoes in slices and the fresh parsley
3. Save a cup of salted water and drain the fregola after 10 minutes
4. Mix the fregola with the above ingredients in a bowl adding the salted water and an abundance of extra virgin olive oil
5. Before serving the Mediterranean fregola pasta, crumble a few pistachios, and some cracked black pepper on top. For the final touch add a leaf of basil to the centre of the dish.
The Mediterranean fregola pasta is a very light dish and we’re sure it will string out the last of those summer days! The delicate flavours of the parsley, the basil and the S’Ampulla cheese will instantly take your mind to the sunny Italian coasts.

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