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 Isola Buona launch "The Blue Zone Route" bus tour

We are excited to launch “Good Island - The Blue Zone Route” on October, 25th in Brighton.

A tasting bus tour to discover the flavors of the one and only Italian Blue Zone… Sardinia! A delightful experience to enjoy food delicacies and fine wines from happy and healthy lands where the farmers respect the nature and the ancient local traditions. 

 What you need to know about the most popular Blue Zone food

Extra Virgin Olive Oil: Getting the best quality

At Isola Buona, to celebrate World Olive Day on the 24th of November, we wanted to dedicate this month's blog article to one of the healthiest foods in the world: extra virgin olive oil. Olive harvesting season is in full swing in Italy. November is the month where olives are collected for pressing to produce some of the finest extra virgin olive oils

BBC Goodfood

Quick, tasty nutritious supper...

Looking for a quick, tasty nutritious supper? Check out BBC Good Food recipe.

We are SO proud as it's our Lardo Elaine & Chelsea tried !