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 Isola Buona launch "The Blue Zone Route" bus tour

We are excited to launch “Isola Buona - The Blue Zone Route” on October, 25th in Brighton.

A tasting bus tour to discover the flavours of the one and only Italian Blue Zone…Sardinia! A delightful experience to enjoy food delicacies and fine wines from happy and healthy lands where the farmers respect the nature and the ancient local traditions. 

 What you need to know about the most popular Blue Zone food

Extra Virgin Olive Oil: Getting the best quality

At Isola Buona, to celebrate World Olive Day on the 24th of November, we wanted to dedicate this month’s blog article to one of the healthiest foods in the world: extra virgin olive oil. Olive harvesting season is in full swing in Italy. November is the month where olives are collected for pressing to produce some of the finest extra virgin olive oils

A velvety recipe that gives a nod to autumn days

Organic Taccone pasta with salted Ricotta and organic Artichoke and Walnut sauce

October is the real resolution month this season. Chilly days starts to kick in and we think about new plans to get into our autumn routine. The holidays are officially over, the children are back to school and perhaps we think about renewing the gym membership. We need some will power to get things done.

 A fresh September recipe to enjoy the last summer days

Mediterranean fregola pasta with S’Ampulla cheese, pistachios and sundried tomatoes.

September is always associated with the first autumn days. However, with the glorious weather of the past few weeks we still want to enjoy the last of summer with a fresh Mediterranean recipe. Perhaps you’re finally leaving for your summer holiday after waiting so long to sunbathe on a sandy beach or maybe

How to make an authentic Sardinian Aperitivo

The Italian Aperitivo, the king of socialising, has ancient origins

Summer is in full swing and we want to give you an insight on the Italian Aperitivo that has become the king of socialising and rocking our evening rituals almost everywhere. But how has the aperitivo become the latest social trend?
The word “aperitivo” derives from Latin and means “to open”, referring to the drink consumption before the

A refreshing summer dish with Sardinian fregola pasta and bottarga

Squid ink fregola pasta with courgettes and grey mullet roe

Many of you are probably already enjoying the summer holidays on hot sunny beaches but for those of you who are still in the UK, longing for their time off, here is another summer recipe with seasonal ingredients that will help you get through the countdown to your time away. Squid-ink fregola is the most traditional Sardinian pasta and it’s very popular

Easter: a true food celebration

Wild boar pappardelle pasta

Easter is the one festivity where food finds its highest celebration. Some of us might be fasting right now or avoiding meat and sweets either for religious purposes or to cleanse our bodies over spring time. But when Easter time comes it’s ok to indulge in our favourite “special occasion” treats, such a glass of sparkling Akenta…or two, a fine chocolate bar or some fine charcuterie and cheese mix from L’Isola Buona.

February is Sweeter with the Four Cheeses Pasta

February is the shortest month of the year and yet it seems endless. It's extremely cold outside and after the festive mood of the winter holidays and the "healthy Jan" resolution for the new year, we might feel a bit low. We know that the four cheeses pasta could be on your black list of foods right now, but nothing could be further from our intention than to make you ditch your diet and your healthy lifestyle.

Where do cured meats come from?

Where do cured meats come from?

Cured meats are so delicious, but do you know where they came from? Cured meats, or salumi as they are known in Italy, first came about to solve the problem of meat rotting or going off quickly.

Curing the meat - either by smoking, air-drying or salting - provided a handy solution which allowed people to eat the meat over a longer period of time. Before modern refrigeration, this was vital!

Mullet roe and saffron fregola.

Mullet roe and saffron fregola. The Christmas recipe by L’Isola Buona is a blend of rich flavours and ancient traditions

Recipe by Chef Lello

With the festive season upon us, the Cuccureddu family are busy at the deli and in the Newhaven and Sardinian offices...but there is always time to think about the menu for Christmas lunch! After unveiling the key ingredients over the past week, we are finally ready to share with all of you Chef Lello’s very own mullet roe and saffron fregola, a blend of rich flavours and ancient traditions.

BBC Goodfood

Quick, tasty nutritious supper...

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We are SO proud as it's our Lardo Elaine & Chelsea tried !