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What are some good Italian dishes?” … “What is the most popular Italian dish?” … “What are traditional foods in Italy?” … “How do you make real Italian food?” Italian Sardinian video recipes pasta preview Isola Buona ph Rossella Fadda
These are the most popular questions on the internet asked by lovers of Italian cuisine who want to know the secrets of the most loved food in the world. The variety of Italian cuisine is immense and depends on the traditions of the individual regions. One of the most famous dishes of Italian cuisine is undeniably pasta, a timeless symbol of Mediterranean cuisine. Especially "Pasta al pomodoro" (tomato pasta). And when we talk about Italian pasta, we mean that it is strictly produced from the finest Italian durum wheat.

Isola Buona, by origin and culture, is a small company deeply rooted in the culture of Sardinian food. For this reason, we do not deal with Sardinian food only as Italian but above all with Sardinian food as a food model with unique characteristics throughout the Mediterranean basin. . 

Taccone bio Isola Buona RecipesBoth from a nutritional and organoleptic point of view, Italian pasta such as Penne, Spaghetti, Linguine and Rigatoni, of which our Chef Antonello will show you tasty and original recipes, is known all over the world, however not everyone knows some truly special types of Sardinian pasta. Some of which have an ancient origin, story and purpose, even in the processing method. This is the case of Fregula, a typical durum wheat semolina pasta typical of Sardinia.

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Besides Sardinian pasta and becoming increasingly popular is our typically unique Sardinian bread like Pane Carasau and Pane Guttiau. An ancient and authentic product yet to be discovered by some and known widely as “Carta da Musica” – Music Paper Bread. Perfect for creating light appetisers but how do you use it? Find out with our video recipes by Chef Antonello Cuccureddu.

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