Pork Coppa 100g

Pork Coppa 100g


Sardinian Coppa is a cured pork meat with outstanding taste. It is usually lightly cured with herbs and spices for a unique depth of flavour.

Made from a cut of the shoulder and neck, coppa is very popular across Italy and each region and household has its own secret recipe!


Pork Coppa

Coppa is delicious on its own, on pane carasau, or as part of an antipasto selection. It is the rare natural herbs and spices that make this cured meat distinctively different. 

Sardinia is fortunate in the range of wild herbs that are available, and some of the methods used to create coppa on the island are known to be ancient. It's been described as a "heavenly flavour fusion", offering a new taste sensation that is different from other cured meats. 

It's a traditional meat that may have originated in Corsica but is now equally at home in Sardinia and the Italian mainland. 

80g approx
Pork neck, salt, spices & flavours, dextrose, saccharose, anti-oxidant: ascorbic acid, sodium ascorbate, preservative: potassium nitrate, sodium nitrite.
Free from allergens, Gluten free
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