Organic Chickpeas 300g

Organic Chickpeas 300g


Chickpeas are an ancient diet essential in the world of food and thought to be one of the earliest cultivated legumes. With so much history these jolly edibles are still a strong favourite worldwide today. Popularly used as a meat substitution, chickpeas are a fantastic source of protein, vitamins and fibre known for health benefits centred around digestion and weight management as well as reducing the risk of diseases. 


Organic Chickpeas - Suitable for vegans

These semi soft and subtle flavoured legumes are a reliable addition for almost any dish. Our organic chickpeas in water are an easy cupboard essential. With so many uses and online recipes you’ll want to keep a jar handy. Try your hand at a classic Italian chickpea stew or soup and throw in some extra excitement with our little jars of chilli cream for a hearty and warming dinner. Simple goodness is the name of the game when it comes to our organic chickpeas, they’re vegan friendly and ideal for simple or extravagant recipes, you decide.

300g jar
chickpeas*73%, water, sea salt. *BIOLOGICAL
Free from allergens
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