Organic Borlotti Beans 300g

Organic Borlotti Beans 300g


Italy grows an extensive range of beans and each region has traditional recipes tied to each type. Borlotti beans are famously grown and consumed in the regions of northern Italy. With a high level of protein and iron some believe them to be the healthiest of all beans. 


Organic Borlotti Beans - Suitable for vegans

Almost meaty with a compact consistency these beans are a fantastic ingredient for plumping out meals and a much healthier option.

These precious beans naturally grow speckled red and white and turn brown when cooked but we’ve made this process easier. Borlotti beans would usually be required to be soaked before cooking but our organic jars of Borlotti beans in water means you can keep this nutritional element handy and ready to use at any time.

These hearty beans are vegan friendly, organic and can be used in just about anyway you can imagine. Once cooked you can add them to soup, salad, pasta, casserole or even mash them. If you have an imagination for original healthy recipes these little beans will be jumping into all your dishes.

300g jar
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