Artichoke cream - Crema di carciofi 130g

Artichoke cream - Crema di carciofi 130g


Our Artichoke cream is a luxury appetiser set for any occasion.
The hearty rustic flavour of our Sardinian artichokes is perfectly puréed and blended to create this creamy and yet savoury condiment. 
The delicate flavour of artichokes is complimented with a salty punch form the capers and anchovies which makes this cream an ideal choice to add with fresh and simple flavours.


Artichoke cream - Crema di carciofi - Italian antipasti in oil

For a refreshing appetiser try it spread on our Pane Carasau with a serving of vegetables in oil like our jars of aubergine cream and sundried tomatoes, or use it for a healthy dip with carrot, cucumber and bread sticks before your family meals.

This delicious and highly versatile cream has a thick and pulpy consistency and a superb idea to add a special essence to your pasta or risotto for those of you who like to get creative in the kitchen. 

Why not combine this cream with our carnaroli rice for a warming family meal. Hearty and healthy this product is also ready to enjoy on an antipasti spread with a selection of pecorino cheesecured meats and Pane Carasau.

130g jar
Artichokes, capers, anchovies (fish), seed oil, chili pepper, extra virgin olive oil.
anchovies (FISH)
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