Italian Fish

Italian Fish from sardinia: Bottarga, tuna, swordfish smoked

Indulge in the essence of Italian taste with our selection of seafood specialities from the Mediterranean island of SardiniaThe benefits of Sardinia being a Mediterranean island is, of course, the bounty of the sparkling sea alongside the seasonal vegetables.

Our line up showcases ancient Sardinian specialities like our Bottarga (grey mullet roe) also known as the “Sardinian Caviar”.

Traditionally long line caught Tuna and Swordfish smoked with strawberry tree and Mediterranean shrub are also a delicately stunning choice to be complimented by our organic capers and baby artichoke hearts in oil. 

You can taste the pristine waters melting in your mouth. We have everything you need for that holiday feel and sunny island lunch. Pair our delicacies with a pack of music paper bread, invigorating wine and serve with vegetable creams or try your hand creating a fishy feast for your friends and family – after all, antipasti was designed for sharing.

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