Sardinian Wine - Our special selection: Cannonau, Vermentino, Akenta

Sardinian wine is in a league of its own. The grapes used to create our delightful and refreshing wines have been expertly cultivated in the unspoilt soils of Sardinia for thousands of years.
With nothing but careful pruning, rich earth, sun and the Mediterranean Sea air these fruits have become the river to our soul. There’s no better way to say that we owe our long lives to the wines we create.

Sardinian wine stands strong in the diet of our centenarians. Every bottle at a family meal is a symbol of vitality and togetherness. 

From the rich, red Cannonau to the crisp, clear Vermentino, we are proud to have selected for you a distinguished collection of stunning wines (some boastfully sporting their DOC status). Family meal, gift, personal collection or celebration we have something for every occasion, each with their own story such as our Akenta sparkling wine, aged under the waters of our Sardinian coast. Why not experience one of the pillars of our blue zone diet and relax with a glass of our magical wines.

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