Ermes Red Rice 500g

Ermes Red Rice 500g


Riso Ermes is a whole grain red rice packed with nutrients and flavour. It is a non-GMO cross between two varieties of rice: Black Venus and Asian Indica.

This long grained Italian rice is grown and harvested using traditional methods that guarantee optimal taste and the preservation of all its nutrients.


Brown and Aromatic Rice - Ermes Red Rice

Riso Ermes is high in essential minerals such as iron, calcium, and manganese, as well as antioxidants. Its trademark colour- a rich red- comes from natural pigments known as ‘anthocyanins’. In other words, every spoonful you eat of our Riso Ermes will fill you with healthiness and goodness!

With its bold and earthy aroma and nutty texture, Riso Ermes is the perfect ingredient to go with your Mediterranean dishes. Use it to add texture to your risottos, salads, and legume-based recipes, or pop some in with your fish dishes to help balance their flavour.

If you are on the hunt for both a tasty and nutritional addition to your kitchen pantry, Ermes whole grain red rice might be just for you!

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