Genuine Italian Food from Sardinia

Our Italian food, especially sardinian food, comes from its ancient culture and Isola Buona brings you the gift of tradition. Food is the gateway to a healthy and conscious lifestyle. We believe there is no better way to live than loving yourself and those around you and eating healthy, happy food!

Our ancient methods of free range and organic farming produces the richest cured meats, cheeses, fish, antipasti, pastas, wines and sweets in an extensive range. We provide elegant delicacies like our Prosciutto, Pancetta, Salami and other regional specialties and with a practicing respect for the ancient breed of their much-loved sheep, our Pecorino cheeses are a bouquet of flavours, ingrained into our cheese through the natural grazing of our flocks.

Culinary treats like our matured Ricotta, aged Fiore Sardo, cured sausages, vegetables in oil and smoked fish is the perfect way to cease every season and will find their way into any recipe. From land to sea, we harvest and fish by hand to ensure the integrity of our staple foods. Artisanal cured delicacies like our bottarga is the amber treasure that captivates the taste buds and our delicately smoked sword fish and tuna is here to add a burst of Mediterranean magic.

Italy and Sardinia praise the chefs and bakers of every region ‚each with its own specialties. We share Isola Buona‚ most proud Pane Carasau (music paper bread) and naturally sweetened desserts such as traditional Torrone; a charming gift or treat for any occasion. 

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