Italian pasta

Italian pasta from Sardinia: gigli, malloreddus, fregula, linguine, penne, rigatoni

Pasta is one of the most famous products in Italy and Sardinia is no exception. Traditional Sardinian pasta has been passed down from generation to generation, like our Malloreddus. An ancient staple food prepared by Sardinian women and now a favourite in every party!

All our pastas: gigli, fregula, malloreddus, rigattoni, linguine, penne, are made with the best durum wheat semolina with many organic certificates. Produced with a special copper cutter to create a rustic structure that makes the pasta perfect for sauces and absorption.

Our pastas combine in so many ways with our range of cheeses. 

Why not grate some ricotta or shave some mature pecorino cheese on your creation? If you are looking for something perfect for all seasons, we recommend our Fregula, known as Sardinian cous-cous. Boil it in your winter stews or throw it with your salad, it knows no limits! Our pastas are perfectly combined with our range of sauces to easily boil Sardinian magic at home.

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