Authentic sardinan bread: pane carasau and pane guttiau, called "music paper" bread

It’s no lie that Italy is well known for their food and among these kitchen wizards are the passionate bakers, chefs, and family cooks. With the magic that comes out of the oven, Sardinia really distinguishes itself. Music paper bread is an ancient recipe traditionally made by the women of Sardinian to nourish their shepherds whilst working far away to look after their much-loved sheep. A recipe created thousands of years ago and still upheld to the same artisan methods today, our music paper bread “Pane Carasau” is a curious bread. As thin as paper, crunchy and the ideal choice for antipasti yet so versatile why not see what wonders you can create like a traditional “Pane Frattau” dish or try making your own baked goods with our Sardinian “00” flours perfect for cakes, focaccia and pizza dough.

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