Mullet Roe Caviar 100g

Mullet Roe Caviar 100g


Treasured for its taste and nutritional value, Bottarga is often referred to as "Sardinian caviar". Bottarga (fish roe, often from the grey mullet or bluefin tuna) has been known as the "superfood" of the Mediterranean for centuries. We believe bottarga is the reason that the ancient Phoenicians and Carthaginians stayed healthy on their long sea voyages. 

Our grey mullet bottarga is rich in the essential omega oils that make a major contribution to the healthy Mediterranean diet.


Mullet Roe Caviar - Special Mullet Roe Caviar Fish 

Bottarga is commonly found in households as it’s an ancient dietary staple of Sardinia. We enjoy ours served with olive oil and lemon juice as a starter, with some fresh bread or pane Carasau. It can also be added to pasta dishes for a richer, fuller flavour.

Making bottarga is a manually intensive yet natural process. To begin the roe is massaged by hand to remove any air pockets, then it's salt-cured for several weeks.

We make sure that we always have some in the fridge and recommend that you do too, to add an authentic Sardinian flavour to all your pastas - not to mention those beneficial oils! 

100g grated
Grey mullet roe (fish), salt.
Grey mullet roe (FISH)
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